翻译:变形金刚MP系列访谈(1)小林 弘典

原日文来自《变形金刚官方指导书》(Transformer Masterpiece Official Guide book)



Hironori Kobsyashi
Joined Takara in 1999 and was in charge of MP series from MP-1 to MP-9, and MP-11. Though as for MP-5 Megatron, he only worked on the colour scheme and packaging.

“I want the MP series to continue to make the fans’ dream come true”

– tell us about how the Masterpiece project started
K: “MP-1 Convoy” was originally planned by the manager at that time as the 20th anniversary Optimus Prime, I had took over and completed it. The size had already been decided to be similar to 12-inch figures.

– The 20th anniversary product eventually became the beginning of MP series?
K: “Alternators” (Binaltech series in Japan) project was developing at the same time, and we came up with the plan of marketing those two series as one brand domestically. It (MP-1) was initially no more than an anniversary product, but TakaraTomy made it a part of a brand by naming it Masterpiece and Hasbro ended up calling the series MP as well. From the very beginning, we didn’t want it to appear as if it was a stand alone product. Though the reason why it was “MP-1” and not “MP-01” is because I feared the series may not last beyond 9 figures (*laughs). But once it was released there was very strong reaction and it was decided that the high-end Transformers were to be continuously developed alongside Binaltechs. I believe it was thanks to the market that was very appreciative (of a new high-end product).

– I appreciated MP-1 ‘s heaviness, too.
K: I was determined to use diecast, though there might be a bit too much of it (*laughs). There was a long line of Transformers toys without any diecast and it was the first TF using diecast for a long time. However, I might have miscalculated the diecast amount….the first testshot couldn’t stand because of its weight (*laughs)

– The impression I get from MP-1 is that it represents something quite different from earlier transformable Convoy figures.
K: There was a PVC Convoy figure from “Metalforce Collection” (released by Time House in 1999), and the accompanying booklet provided lots of interesting read. For example, it said (Convoy’s) vehicle interior was rearranged to form the chest when transforming and I was very impressed with it. It was simply written up in the text, but I wondered how the actual mechanism would be like – maybe the seats would fold down to give room for the Matrix chamber to move?…it stimulated my imagination. The cartoons often show a scene in which the transformation is done after the humans inside get off, and I interpreted it as the indication of the disappearance of the passenger space and the shift of the inner matters. What came to my mind then is suggested in MP-1.
曾经有过一个PVC擎天柱,属于Metalforce Collection(Time House发行于1999年),附带的说明书有很多有意思的内容。比如,里面说擎天柱的车辆形态内部变形时会重新排列,我对这个印象很深。书上写的很简单,但我不知道实际机制是如何的,也许座椅会折叠下来给能源宝腾空间?这个刺激了我的想象力。动画经常有些场面,人从车里下来才能变形,我把它理解成乘客空间消失,内部物质变化。然后我就想到了MP-1
Actually, when I was in university I drew a sketch of Convoy I would want to create. I thought of the shifting tires in the stomach at that time. (note by Sydney; if you have the book, the sketch of Convoy in page #91 is the drawing he refers to here)

– It is amazing that you realised your long time wish.
K: Surprisingly, there weren’t many remake of transformable Convoy back then. Designers even prided themselves on making (the toys) different from the cartoon. It was considered not creative as a designer to follow old examples, and the change was preferred.
My initial image (of MP-1) was more like the CG Convoy that appeared very briefly in “Beast Wars Metals” rather than G1 cartoon Convoy. I imagined he was the same Convoy character but altered and not exactly the same as his old self. However, I was hoping to remake him close to the cartoon setting as much as possible.
我最初对MP-1的印象更像野兽战争”Beast Wars Metals”的CG擎天柱而不是G1动画。我想象过他是同一个人物但是变化过,而不完全是最初最早的他自己。不管怎么样,我希望能够尽可能把它重制得还原动画。

– Who drew the design sketch shown in the MP-1 booklet?
K: Our team leader at that time requested Dreamwave to provide us with a sketch. We hoped Dreamwave would give it prestige. I can see now that it means before Mr.Shoji Kawamori, we had already used a designer (from outside TakaraTomy).
After MP-2 Ultra Magnus, Starscream was chosen to be the next. But then we began to doubt if Starscream had as much appeal as Convoy did. To create a new attraction at the design stage, it was suggested that we invited a designer who was very much talked about. As a result, Mr.Kawamori was brought in.

– Tell us how Mr.Kawamori came to take on the role of the supervisor.
K: When it came to plane robots, Mr.Kawamori was the obvious choice back then. Once we actually discussed it in person, he was quite eager to be largely involved and we were keen to have him on board.

– What was your involvement with MP series after that?
K: I did MP-5 Megatron’s colour and packaging. I was especially particular about the processing of the hairline on his chest. I even bought a model pistol for a reference.
As for MP-6 Thundercracker, how to distribute the colours was a big problem. The recent, Asian edition Sunstorm uses fire patterns in slightly different warm colours and I feared Skywarp and Thundercracker might become too dull-looking without such arrangement. By applying clear coating, I gave them luxurious appearance. I considered applying large markings on their wings, but it didn’t happen (*laughs)

– Grimlock’s transformation is very true to the cartoon.
K: Beast Machines Rattle (Rattrap) figure has a drive shaft mechanism that connects the tail and the neck so that they move in unison, and I attempted something similar. Even though those parts had to transform, I wanted to sneak in the dino neck and tail connection in the transforming mechanism.
Beast Machines里的老鼠勇士有一个联动轴机制,把尾巴和头颈连起来一起动,我尝试了类似的做法。即使零件必须变形,我也想让它隐藏在恐龙头颈和尾巴里。

– There is also MP-8X King Grimlock. Which is more satisfying for you personally?
K: To think of it now, Grimlock’s silver isn’t pure silver colour but closer to grey. Taking that into consideration I suppose the regular version is closer to my image of Grimlock. On the other hand, I enjoyed colouring King Grimlock according to the comic version – his delicate colours, such as the blue in place of the black or the pale blue chrome on the tail. I was also happy that the American comic style package by Mr. Hidetsugu Yoshioka was well received many people.

– MP-9 Rodimus Convoy has very intricate transforming process. Did you have the 4 different modes in mind from the start?
K: Yes. It started with a discussion to determine if either of Rodimus Convoy and Hot Rodmius was more popular than the other. If you have seen “Transformers The Movie”, you naturally like Hot Rodmius since he is the main character, while Rodimus Convoy is one of the succession of commanders. We concluded that we couldn’t decide which was better, and the project was more concentrated on figuring out the way to represent both characters.
Turing the upper body over when transforming was already planned at the early stage. I ran into difficulties when I had to come up with a good colour distribution to represent different colour schemes between Hot Rod’s vehicle mode, which is almost flat and his humanoid form. I repeated trial and error many times.

– I have the impression that MP-9 was the most challenging product to develop.
K: Rodimus Convoy is a very popular character who always ranks as the number two in the popularity contest among the successive commanders. Although I think he doesn’t have many opportunities to get a remake in spite of his popularity. At that time I feared if he didn’t get the update then he might never receive such treatment for a long while.

– What were your involvements with MP-1L Convoy, MP-1B and MP-4S?
K: I designed the font of “LASTSHOT” on (MP-1L’s) back. Some of MP-1’s diecast moulds were not serviceable any longer and “LASTSHOT” was added to a newly created part. MP-1B is a black Convoy, which I feel made the “black and green” format conventional for the later releases. With MP-4L, I used the sepia colour to express the moment Convoy lost his colours as he passed away.

– MP-11 is Starscream, who has become the Emperor of Destruction.
K: By then, “MP = the re-creation of the cartoon” direction was set. I got the idea that Starscream should be re-done as the anime version since MP-3 did not represent the cartoon setting. In fact, I had also created a crown and a cape for MP-3. After the time passed I gave it another thought, and considering the trend in the hobby industry toward creating capes not from cloth but from plastic with articulations, I decided to introduce it to create a changeable cape fit for a Transformer.

– You must have a strong personal attachment to Ultra Magnus like you did to MP-8.
K: I observed how Hasui was envisioning Magnus project while working on (MP) real car series. While I thought (Magnus) was his, I also kept on thinking of the way as to how Magnus could be made into an actual form. I ended up taking it over from Hasui when the development of overseas “Lost Age (Age of Extinction)” products wrapped up.

– What did you find challenging in MP-22 development?
K: The problem was to conceive the way to allocate the mass of the truck. I settled with splitting it into the front and the back sections, putting the head between the chest parts and placed the remaining parts on the back. He is slightly taller and fits in quite well.
As a factor to express his character, the Matrix can be fitted in his chest. Additional face part like action figures have is included so that his expression can be changed as well.

– What direction will the MP series take in the future?
K: Thanks to the (fans’) support, the current MP series is very popular right now. I hope the addition of Ultra Magnus as the centric character to the real car series will make the whole lineup more enjoyable.
The factors of the current popularity are the re-creation of the cartoon characters and the use of real cars, of course, and I’d like to explore the next step up while keeping those important factors intact. I am not the developer of Star Saber, who was chosen to become a MP figure by the MP Fans’ Choice votes, but I suspect (MP Star Saber) may initiate the next step. I want the MP series to continue to make the fans’ dream come true. I hope (the fans) will look forward to future developments.



探长(吉普), 救护车 ,开路先锋(黑色越野车), 千斤顶(Lancia跑车) 横炮(兰博基尼), 飞毛腿(兰博基尼) ,擎天柱, 铁皮 ,爵士(保时捷), 警车 ,蓝霹雳,幻影(F1赛车)。


挖地虎部队/大力神(铲土机,吊钩,搅拌机 ,清扫机 ,推土机 ,拖斗)






第一季(SEASON 1)

1 More Than Meets The Eye(1)  第一天

汽车人:擎天柱 爵士 千斤顶 警车 大黄蜂 飞过山 充电器 卤莽 大汉 变速箱 开路先锋 铁皮 探长 救护车   横炮 飞毛腿 蓝霹雳 幻影 吊车

霸天虎:威震天 红蜘蛛 声波 惊天雷 闹翻天 震荡波 反光镜 分光镜 聚光镜 照相机 激光鸟 机器狗 轰隆隆

2 More Than Meets The Eye(2) 第二天

汽车人:擎天柱 爵士 千斤顶 警车 大黄蜂 飞过山 充电器 卤莽 大汉 变速箱 开路先锋 铁皮 探长 救护车  横炮 飞毛腿 蓝霹雳 幻影

霸天虎:威震天 红蜘蛛 声波 惊天雷 闹翻天 反光镜 分光镜 聚光镜 照相机 机器狗 轰隆隆

3 More Than Meets The Eye(3) 第三天

汽车人:擎天柱  爵士 千斤顶 警车 大黄蜂 飞过山 充电器 卤莽 大汉 变速箱 开路先锋 铁皮 探长 救护车  横炮 飞毛腿 蓝霹雳 幻影

霸天虎:威震天 红蜘蛛 声波 惊天雷 闹翻天 反光镜 分光镜 聚光镜 照相机 激光鸟 机器狗 轰隆隆




4 Transport to Oblivion 太空桥的陷落

汽车人:擎天柱 爵士 警车 大黄蜂 飞过山 大汉 变速箱 开路先锋 铁皮 救护车 横炮 飞毛腿

霸天虎:威震天 红蜘蛛 声波 闹翻天 震荡波 反光镜 分光镜 聚光镜 照相机 激光鸟 机器狗

5 Roll for it 全体出击

汽车人:擎天柱 爵士 千斤顶 警车 大黄蜂 飞过山 大汉 开路先锋 铁皮 探长 救护车 横炮 飞毛腿 蓝霹雳 幻影

霸天虎:威震天 红蜘蛛 声波 惊天雷 闹翻天 震荡波 反光镜 分光镜 聚光镜 照相机 激光鸟 机器狗 轰隆隆

6 Divide and Conquer 分而治之

汽车人:擎天柱 爵士 千斤顶 警车 大黄蜂 飞过山 充电器 卤莽 大汉 变速箱 开路先锋 铁皮 探长 救护车 横炮 飞毛腿 蓝霹雳 幻影

霸天虎:威震天 红蜘蛛 声波 惊天雷 闹翻天 震荡波 反光镜 分光镜 聚光镜 照相机 激光鸟 机器狗 轰隆隆

7 Fire In The Sky 天火

汽车人:擎天柱 爵士 大黄蜂 飞过山 变速箱 铁皮 探长 救护车 天火

霸天虎:威震天 红蜘蛛 声波 惊天雷 闹翻天 反光镜 分光镜 聚光镜 照相机 激光鸟 机器狗 轰隆隆



8 S.O.S. Dinobots 紧急呼叫

汽车人:擎天柱 爵士 千斤顶 警车 大黄蜂 飞过山 充电器 卤莽 大汉 变速箱 开路先锋 铁皮 探长 救护车 横炮 飞毛腿 蓝霹雳 幻影 钢锁 铁渣 淤泥

霸天虎:威震天 红蜘蛛 声波 惊天雷 闹翻天 反光镜 分光镜 聚光镜 照相机 机器狗 轰隆隆

9 Fire On the Mountain 山顶之火

汽车人:擎天柱 爵士 千斤顶 大黄蜂 飞过山 充电器 大汉 变速箱 开路先锋 铁皮 探长 救护车 横炮 飞毛腿 蓝霹雳 天火

霸天虎:威震天 红蜘蛛 声波 惊天雷 闹翻天 反光镜 分光镜 聚光镜 照相机 激光鸟 机器狗 轰隆隆

10 War of the Dinobots 大战机器恐龙

汽车人:擎天柱 千斤顶 警车 卤莽 大汉 变速箱 开路先锋 铁皮 探长 救护车 横炮 蓝霹雳 钢锁 铁渣 淤泥 嚎叫 飞标

霸天虎:威震天 红蜘蛛 声波 惊天雷 闹翻天 反光镜 分光镜 聚光镜 照相机 轰隆隆

11 The Ultimate Doom-Part One 灭顶之灾(上)

汽车人:擎天柱 爵士 千斤顶 警车 大黄蜂 飞过山 充电器 卤莽 大汉 变速箱 开路先锋 铁皮 探长 救护车 横炮 飞毛腿 蓝霹雳

霸天虎:威震天 红蜘蛛 声波 惊天雷 闹翻天 震荡波 激光鸟 机器狗 轰隆隆

12 The Ultimate Doom-Part Two 灭顶之灾(中)

汽车人:擎天柱 爵士 千斤顶 警车 大黄蜂 充电器 卤莽 大汉 开路先锋 铁皮 探长 救护车 横炮 飞毛腿 蓝霹雳 天火 钢锁 铁渣 淤泥 嚎叫 飞标

霸天虎:威震天 红蜘蛛 声波 惊天雷 闹翻天 震荡波 激光鸟 机器狗 轰隆隆

13 The Ultimate Doom-Part Three 灭顶之灾(下)

汽车人:擎天柱 爵士 千斤顶 警车 大黄蜂 飞过山 大汉 开路先锋 铁皮 救护车 蓝霹雳 幻影 天火

霸天虎:威震天 红蜘蛛 声波 惊天雷 闹翻天 震荡波 反光镜 分光镜 聚光镜 照相机 轰隆隆


14 Countdown to Extinction 爆炸前夕

汽车人:擎天柱 爵士 千斤顶 警车 大黄蜂 飞过山 卤莽 大汉 变速箱 开路先锋 铁皮 探长 救护车 横炮 幻影 钢锁 铁渣 淤泥 嚎叫 飞标

霸天虎:威震天 红蜘蛛 声波 惊天雷 闹翻天 震荡波 激光鸟 轰隆隆 迷乱

15 A Plague of Insecticons 机器昆虫

汽车人:擎天柱 千斤顶 大黄蜂 充电器 大汉 开路先锋 铁皮 横炮 飞毛腿 天火

霸天虎:威震天 声波 惊天雷 反光镜 分光镜 聚光镜 照相机 激光鸟 机器狗 轰隆隆 弹片 反冲 炸弹

16 Heavy Metal War 双雄大战

汽车人:擎天柱 爵士 千斤顶 大黄蜂 飞过山 卤莽 大汉 开路先锋 铁皮 探长 救护车 横炮 飞毛腿 蓝霹雳 幻影 钢锁 铁渣 淤泥 嚎叫 飞标

霸天虎:威震天 红蜘蛛 声波 惊天雷 闹翻天 反光镜 分光镜 聚光镜 照相机 激光鸟 机器狗 轰隆隆 推土机 吊钩 搅拌机 清扫机 铲土机 拖斗 大力神



第二季(SEASON 2)

17 Autobot Spike 汽车人斯派克

汽车人:擎天柱 爵士 千斤顶 警车 大黄蜂 飞过山 充电器 卤莽 大汉 铁皮 探长 救护车 横炮 飞毛腿 蓝霹雳 幻影

霸天虎:威震天 红蜘蛛 声波 惊天雷 闹翻天 反光镜 分光镜 聚光镜 照相机 激光鸟 轰隆隆



18 Changing Gears 换变速箱

汽车人:擎天柱 爵士 千斤顶 大黄蜂 飞过山 大汉 变速箱 开路先锋 铁皮 探长 救护车 横炮 飞毛腿 蓝霹雳 幻影

霸天虎:威震天 红蜘蛛 声波 惊天雷 闹翻天 激光鸟 机器狗



19 City of Steel 钢之城

汽车人:擎天柱 千斤顶 大黄蜂 开路先锋 铁皮 探长 救护车 横炮 飞毛腿 蓝霹雳 幻影

霸天虎:威震天 红蜘蛛 声波 惊天雷 闹翻天 激光鸟 雷针鸟 轰隆隆 迷乱 推土机 吊钩 搅拌机 清扫机 铲土机 拖斗 大力神



20 Attack of the Autobots 汽车人的攻击

汽车人:擎天柱 爵士 警车 大黄蜂 大汉 变速箱 开路先锋 探长 救护车 横炮 蓝霹雳 天火

霸天虎:威震天 红蜘蛛 声波 惊天雷 闹翻天 激光鸟 轰隆隆



21 Traitor 叛徒

汽车人:擎天柱 爵士 警车 飞过山 铁皮 救护车 飞毛腿 蓝霹雳 幻影

霸天虎:威震天 红蜘蛛 声波 惊天雷 闹翻天 激光鸟 轰隆隆 弹片 反冲 炸弹



22 The Immobilizer 静止器

汽车人:擎天柱 爵士 千斤顶 警车 大黄蜂 飞过山 卤莽 大汉 变速箱 开路先锋 铁皮 探长 救护车 横炮 飞毛腿 蓝霹雳 天火

霸天虎:威震天 红蜘蛛 声波 惊天雷 闹翻天 激光鸟 机器狗 轰隆隆


23 The Autobot Run 汽车人死里逃生

汽车人:擎天柱 爵士 千斤顶 警车 大黄蜂 飞过山 充电器 卤莽 大汉 变速箱 开路先锋 铁皮 探长 救护车 横炮 飞毛腿 蓝霹雳 幻影

霸天虎:威震天 红蜘蛛 声波 惊天雷 闹翻天 激光鸟 机器狗 轰隆隆 推土机 吊钩 搅拌机 清扫机 铲土机 拖斗 大力神


24 Atlantis, Arise! 海底之国

汽车人:擎天柱 爵士 千斤顶 警车 大黄蜂 充电器 大汉 开路先锋 铁皮 探长 救护车 横炮 飞毛腿 钢锁 铁渣 淤泥 嚎叫 飞标

霸天虎:威震天 红蜘蛛 声波 惊天雷 闹翻天 激光鸟 雷针鸟 机器狗 轰隆隆



25 Day of the Machines 机器人时代

汽车人:擎天柱 千斤顶 警车 铁皮 探长 横炮 天火 钢锁 铁渣 淤泥 嚎叫 飞标

霸天虎:威震天 红蜘蛛 声波 惊天雷 激光鸟 机器狗 轰隆隆 迷乱



26 Enter the Nightbird 刺客

汽车人:擎天柱 爵士 千斤顶 警车 飞过山 充电器 卤莽 大汉 变速箱 开路先锋 铁皮 探长 救护车 横炮 飞毛腿 蓝霹雳 幻影

霸天虎:威震天 红蜘蛛 声波 惊天雷 闹翻天 激光鸟 轰隆隆 迷乱 弹片 反冲 炸弹



27 A Prime Problem 真假擎天柱

汽车人:擎天柱 爵士 千斤顶 警车 大黄蜂 飞过山 充电器 卤莽 大汉 变速箱 开路先锋 铁皮 探长 救护车 横炮 飞毛腿 蓝霹雳 滑翔机 战戟

霸天虎:威震天 红蜘蛛 声波 惊天雷 闹翻天 激光鸟 轰隆隆



28 The Core 地球核心

汽车人:擎天柱 爵士 千斤顶 警车 大黄蜂 卤莽 变速箱 铁皮 探长 救护车 横炮 飞毛腿 蓝霹雳 幻影

霸天虎:威震天 红蜘蛛 声波 惊天雷 闹翻天 激光鸟 机器狗 推土机 吊钩 搅拌机 清扫机 铲土机 拖斗 大力神



29 The Insecticon Syndrome 虫灾

汽车人:擎天柱 爵士 千斤顶 大黄蜂 铁皮 探长 救护车 消防车 巨浪

霸天虎:威震天 红蜘蛛 声波 惊天雷 闹翻天 激光鸟 雷针鸟 弹片 反冲 炸弹



30 Dinobot Island(1) 恐龙岛(上)

汽车人:擎天柱 爵士 千斤顶 警车 大黄蜂 飞过山 卤莽 大汉 变速箱 开路先锋 铁皮 探长 救护车 横炮 飞毛腿 幻影 吊车 钢锁 铁渣 淤泥 嚎叫 飞标 红色警报 消防车 滑车 轮胎 录音机 烟幕 滑翔机

霸天虎:威震天 红蜘蛛 声波 惊天雷 闹翻天 激光鸟 机器狗 冲锋 挽歌 喷气机 闪电



31 Dinobot Island(2) 恐龙岛(下)

汽车人:擎天柱 爵士 千斤顶 警车 大黄蜂 飞过山 卤莽 开路先锋 铁皮 探长 救护车 横炮 飞毛腿 钢锁 铁渣 淤泥 嚎叫 飞标 红色警报 消防车 轮胎 感知器 烟幕 战戟 巨浪 浪花

霸天虎:威震天 红蜘蛛 声波 惊天雷 闹翻天 冲锋 挽歌 喷气机 闪电



32 The Master Builder 建筑大师

汽车人:擎天柱 千斤顶 飞过山 大汉 铁皮 吊车 消防车 滑车 轮胎 烟幕 滑翔机 战戟

霸天虎:威震天 红蜘蛛 闹翻天 挽歌 喷气机 推土机 吊钩 搅拌机 清扫机 铲土机 拖斗 大力神



33 Auto_Berserk 超级武器

汽车人:擎天柱 千斤顶 铁皮 吊车 红色警报 消防车 滑车 烟幕

霸天虎:威震天 红蜘蛛 声波 惊天雷 闹翻天 雷针鸟 机器狗 轰隆隆 迷乱 冲锋 挽歌 喷气机



34 Microbots 小机器人

汽车人:擎天柱 千斤顶 大黄蜂 飞过山 充电器 卤莽 大汉 变速箱 铁皮 救护车 蓝霹雳 滑车 感知器 烟幕 滑翔机 战戟

霸天虎:威震天 红蜘蛛 声波 惊天雷 闹翻天 激光鸟 机器狗 轰隆隆 挽歌 推土机 吊钩 搅拌机 清扫机 铲土机 拖斗



35 Megatron’s Master Plan(1/2) 威震天的阴谋(上)

汽车人:擎天柱 爵士 千斤顶 警车 大黄蜂 飞过山 充电器 卤莽 大汉 变速箱 铁皮 探长 救护车 飞毛腿 蓝霹雳 幻影 吊车 红色警报 消防车 滑车 轮胎 录音机 烟幕 战戟 巨浪

霸天虎:威震天 红蜘蛛 声波 惊天雷 闹翻天 激光鸟 机器狗 冲锋 挽歌 喷气机



36 Megatron’s Master Plan(1/2) 威震天的阴谋(下)

汽车人:擎天柱 爵士 千斤顶 警车 大黄蜂 飞过山 充电器 卤莽 大汉 变速箱 开路先锋 铁皮 探长 救护车 横炮 飞毛腿 蓝霹雳 幻影 红色警报 消防车 滑车 轮胎 感知器 烟幕 宇宙飞碟 滑翔机 战戟 巨浪 浪花

霸天虎:威震天 红蜘蛛 声波 惊天雷 闹翻天 激光鸟 机器狗 轰隆隆 冲锋 挽歌 喷气机 闪电 推土机 吊钩 搅拌机 清扫机 铲土机 拖斗



37 Desertion Of The Dinobots(1/2) 机器恐龙开小差(上)

汽车人:擎天柱 爵士 千斤顶 警车 大黄蜂 充电器 铁皮 探长 救护车 幻影 吊车 钢锁 铁渣 淤泥 嚎叫 飞标 红色警报 消防车 滑车 录音机 感知器 滑翔机

霸天虎:威震天 红蜘蛛 声波 惊天雷 闹翻天 震荡波 机器狗 轰隆隆 冲锋 闪电 推土机 吊钩 搅拌机 清扫机 铲土机 拖斗 大力神



38 Desertion Of The Dinobots(1/2) 机器恐龙开小差(下)

汽车人:擎天柱 爵士 千斤顶 警车 大黄蜂 充电器 卤莽 开路先锋 铁皮 救护车 横炮 飞毛腿 蓝霹雳 钢锁 铁渣 淤泥 嚎叫 飞标

霸天虎:威震天 震荡波



39 Blaster Blues 兰调录音机

汽车人:擎天柱 爵士 千斤顶 警车 大黄蜂 飞过山 卤莽 大汉 开路先锋 铁皮 探长 救护车 飞毛腿 蓝霹雳 幻影 红色警报 消防车 滑车 轮胎 录音机 大力金刚 宇宙飞碟 滑翔机

霸天虎:威震天 红蜘蛛 惊天雷 喷气机 大火车



40 A Decepticon Raider In King Arthur’s Court 霸天虎入侵亚瑟王朝

汽车人:滑车 战戟

霸天虎:威震天 红蜘蛛 惊天雷 机器狗 轰隆隆 喷气机



41 The Golden Lagoon 金礁湖

汽车人:擎天柱 爵士 千斤顶 警车 大黄蜂 充电器 大汉 变速箱 开路先锋 铁皮 探长 救护车 横炮 飞毛腿 蓝霹雳 感知器 烟幕 大力金刚 滑翔机 战戟 巨浪 浪花

霸天虎:威震天 红蜘蛛 声波 惊天雷 闹翻天 反光镜 分光镜 聚光镜 照相机 轰隆隆 冲锋 挽歌 喷气机 闪电



42 The God Gambit 天神

汽车人:擎天柱 爵士 红色警报 感知器 大力金刚 宇宙飞碟

霸天虎:红蜘蛛 冲锋 大火车



43 Make Tracks 跟踪追击

汽车人:擎天柱 爵士 千斤顶 警车 大黄蜂 充电器 卤莽 开路先锋 铁皮 探长 救护车 横炮 消防车 滑车 轮胎 录音机 宇宙飞碟 滑翔机 巨浪 浪花

霸天虎:威震天 红蜘蛛 声波 惊天雷 机器狗 轰隆隆 推土机 吊钩 搅拌机 清扫机 铲土机 拖斗



44 Child’s Play 巨人国/奇遇

汽车人:擎天柱 千斤顶 大黄蜂 卤莽 大汉 变速箱 开路先锋 铁皮 救护车 横炮 消防车 感知器 烟幕 宇宙飞碟

霸天虎:威震天 红蜘蛛 声波 闹翻天 机器狗 冲锋


45 Quest For Surviva 食人株

汽车人:擎天柱 警车 大黄蜂 卤莽 铁皮 救护车 吊车 消防车 滑车 轮胎 录音机 感知器 烟幕 宇宙飞碟 战戟 巨浪 刹车

霸天虎:威震天 红蜘蛛 声波 惊天雷 闹翻天 激光鸟 轰隆隆 弹片 反冲 炸弹 冲锋 挽歌 喷气机 闪电



46 The Secret of Omega Supreme 大力金刚的秘密

汽车人:擎天柱 铁皮 轮胎 感知器 烟幕 大力金刚 宇宙飞碟 滑翔机 巨浪

霸天虎:威震天 红蜘蛛 声波 大火车 推土机 吊钩 搅拌机 清扫机 铲土机 拖斗 大力神



47 The Gambler 赌棍

汽车人:擎天柱 大黄蜂 消防车 感知器 烟幕 敌无双

霸天虎:挽歌 喷气机 大火车



48 Kremzeek! 小精灵

汽车人:擎天柱 爵士 大黄蜂 卤莽 救护车 横炮 蓝霹雳 消防车 滑车 录音机 烟幕 大力金刚 巨浪

霸天虎:威震天 红蜘蛛 声波 冲锋



49 Sea Change 傍晚的星星

汽车人:擎天柱 大黄蜂 感知器 宇宙飞碟 浪花

霸天虎:威震天 声波 激光鸟 轰隆隆 挽歌 大火车



50 Triple Takeover 争权夺利

汽车人:擎天柱 警车 开路先锋 铁皮 蓝霹雳 滑车 轮胎 烟幕 滑翔机 刹车

霸天虎:威震天 红蜘蛛 惊天雷 冲锋 挽歌 喷气机 大火车 闪电 推土机 吊钩 搅拌机 清扫机 铲土机 拖斗 大力神



51 Prime Target 擎天柱的战利品

汽车人:擎天柱 爵士 千斤顶 警车 大黄蜂 充电器 卤莽 开路先锋 铁皮 救护车 横炮 蓝霹雳 幻影 吊车 消防车 滑车 轮胎 宇宙飞碟 战戟 巨浪

霸天虎:威震天 红蜘蛛 大火车 闪电



52 Auto-Bop 汽车人

汽车人:充电器 轮胎 录音机

霸天虎:红蜘蛛 声波



53 The Search For Alpha Trion 女汽车人

汽车人:擎天柱 大黄蜂 飞过山 铁皮 消防车 感知器 滑翔机 钛师傅 艾丽塔 克劳莉娅 月娇 火翼星

霸天虎:威震天 红蜘蛛 震荡波 轰隆隆 喷气机 大火车



54 The Girl Who Loved Powerglide 爱上滑翔机的姑娘

汽车人:擎天柱 千斤顶 铁皮 救护车 滑翔机

霸天虎:威震天 声波 轰隆隆 冲锋 挽歌 喷气机



55 Hoist Goes Hollywood 在好莱坞拍电影

汽车人:擎天柱 千斤顶 飞毛腿 滑车 轮胎 滑翔机 战戟

霸天虎:威震天 红蜘蛛 声波 轰隆隆 冲锋 挽歌 喷气机 大火车



56 The Key to Vector Sigma(1) 魔力神球

汽车人:擎天柱 千斤顶 警车 铁皮 救护车 滑车 录音机 烟幕 大力金刚 战戟 钛师傅

霸天虎:威震天 声波 震荡波 机器狗 轰隆隆 冲锋 挽歌 喷气机 汽车大师 抢劫 封锁 打击 莽撞



57 The Key to Vector Sigma(2) 魔力神球(续集)-飞行太保

汽车人:擎天柱 爵士 千斤顶 警车 铁皮 救护车 滑车 轮胎 录音机 烟幕 大力金刚 钛师傅 银剑 弹弓 俯冲 空袭 飞火 大无畏

霸天虎:威震天 声波 震荡波 轰隆隆 汽车大师 抢劫 封锁 打击 莽撞 飞天虎



58 Aerial Assault 飞机窃贼

汽车人:擎天柱 爵士 救护车 滑车 银剑 弹弓 俯冲 空袭 飞火 大无畏

霸天虎:威震天 轰隆隆 迷乱 挽歌 喷气机 袭击 爆炸 旋风 吵闹 诈骗 混天豹



59 War Dawn 回到过去

汽车人:擎天柱 千斤顶 铁皮 救护车 大力金刚 钛师傅 银剑 弹弓 俯冲 空袭 飞火 大无畏

霸天虎:威震天 红蜘蛛 声波 惊天雷 闹翻天 震荡波



60 Trans-Europe Express 汽车大奖赛

汽车人:千斤顶 大黄蜂 横炮 飞毛腿 蓝霹雳 轮胎 烟幕

霸天虎:威震天 声波 轰隆隆 汽车大师 抢劫 封锁 打击 莽撞 飞天虎



61 Cosmic Rust 宇宙锈病

汽车人:擎天柱 爵士 千斤顶 警车 大黄蜂 变速箱 开路先锋 铁皮 探长 救护车 横炮 飞毛腿 幻影 红色警报 消防车 滑车 轮胎 录音机 感知器 烟幕 宇宙飞碟 滑翔机 巨浪 银剑 弹弓 俯冲 空袭 飞火 大无畏

霸天虎:威震天 红蜘蛛 声波 激光鸟 轰隆隆 挽歌 喷气机 大火车 闪电 汽车大师 抢劫 封锁 打击 莽撞 飞天虎



62 Starscream’s Brigade 红蜘蛛叛变

汽车人:擎天柱 爵士 警车 大黄蜂 飞过山 大汉 变速箱 铁皮 救护车 吊车 轮胎 滑翔机 战戟

霸天虎:威震天 红蜘蛛 声波 惊天雷 闹翻天 震荡波 激光鸟 轰隆隆 冲锋 挽歌 喷气机 大火车 推土机 吊钩 搅拌机 清扫机 铲土机 拖斗 大力神 汽车大师 抢劫 封锁 打击莽撞 飞天虎 袭击 爆炸 旋风 吵闹 诈骗 混天豹



63 The Revenge of Bruticus 混天豹的报复

汽车人:擎天柱 警车 救护车 横炮 飞毛腿 红色警报 消防车 轮胎 感知器 滑翔机 热点 急救员 大街 刀刃 车辙

霸天虎:威震天 红蜘蛛 惊天雷 闹翻天 震荡波 弹片 反冲 炸弹 挽歌 喷气机 袭击 爆炸 旋风 吵闹 诈骗 混天豹



64 Masquerade 深入虎穴

汽车人:擎天柱 爵士 千斤顶 警车 充电器 卤莽 开路先锋 铁皮 探长 救护车 横炮 蓝霹雳 幻影 吊车 滑车 轮胎 录音机 战戟

霸天虎:威震天 红蜘蛛 声波 激光鸟 汽车大师 抢劫 封锁 打击 莽撞 飞天虎



65 B.O.T. 胖娃

汽车人:擎天柱 千斤顶 大黄蜂 变速箱 铁皮 热点 急救员 大街 刀刃 车辙 守护神

霸天虎:威震天 红蜘蛛 声波 惊天雷 闹翻天 喷气机 袭击 爆炸 旋风 吵闹 诈骗 混天豹



········· 变形金刚大电影

汽车人:擎天柱 爵士 千斤顶 警车 大黄蜂 飞过山 充电器 卤莽 大汉 铁皮 探长 救护车 飞毛腿 蓝霹雳 吊车 钢锁 铁渣 淤泥 嚎叫 飞标 录音机 喷射 发条 犀牛 钢钳 感知器 补天士 热破 通天晓 杯子 弹簧 阿尔茜 罗嗦 营救车 转轮

霸天虎:威震天 红蜘蛛 声波 惊天雷 闹翻天 震荡波 激光鸟 机器狗 轰隆隆 迷乱 蝙蝠精 弹片 反冲 炸弹 冲锋 挽歌 喷气机 大火车 闪电 惊破天 狂飙 瘟疫 推土机 吊钩 搅拌机 清扫机 铲土机 拖斗 大力神

第三方:宇宙大帝 五面怪 鲨鱼精



第三季(SEASON 3)

66 Five Faces of Darkness(1) 五面怪(一)

汽车人:爵士 大黄蜂 钢锁 录音机 感知器 战戟 补天士 通天晓 杯子 弹簧 阿尔茜 罗嗦 转轮 腹地

霸天虎:声波 轰隆隆 挽歌 喷气机 大火车 毒气弹 弹片 反冲 惊破天 狂飙 瘟疫 推土机 吊钩 搅拌机 清扫机 铲土机 拖斗 大力神 汽车大师 抢劫 封锁 打击 莽撞 飞天虎 袭击 爆炸 旋风 吵闹 诈骗 野牛

第三方:宇宙大帝 五面怪 鲨鱼精

67 Five Faces of Darkness(2) 五面怪(二)

汽车人:擎天柱 钢锁 滑翔机 补天士 通天晓 杯子 弹簧 阿尔茜 罗嗦 银剑 俯冲 空袭 飞火

霸天虎:声波 轰隆隆 毒气弹 弹片 反冲 惊破天 狂飙 瘟疫 汽车大师 抢劫 封锁 打击 莽撞 袭击 爆炸 旋风 吵闹 诈骗

第三方:五面怪 鲨鱼精

68 Five Faces of Darkness(3) 五面怪(三)

汽车人:大黄蜂 钢锁 录音机 补天士 通天晓 杯子 弹簧 阿尔茜 罗嗦 转轮 银剑 弹弓 俯冲 空袭 飞火

霸天虎:声波 轰隆隆 挽歌 喷气机 大火车 闪电 毒气弹 惊破天 狂飙 瘟疫 推土机 吊钩 搅拌机 清扫机 铲土机 拖斗 汽车大师 抢劫 封锁 打击 莽撞 袭击 爆炸 旋风 吵闹 诈骗 混天豹


69 Five Faces of Darkness(4) 五面怪(四)

汽车人:擎天柱 钢锁 铁渣 录音机 感知器 宇宙飞碟 钛师傅 补天士 通天晓 杯子 弹簧 阿尔茜 罗嗦 营救车 转轮 银剑 弹弓 俯冲 空袭 飞火

霸天虎:威震天 声波 挽歌 喷气机 毒气弹 惊破天 狂飙 瘟疫 铁甲龙 推土机 吊钩 搅拌机 清扫机 铲土机 拖斗 汽车大师 抢劫 封锁 打击 莽撞 飞天虎 袭击 爆炸 旋风 吵闹 诈骗 混天豹


70 Five Faces of Darkness(5) 五面怪(五)

汽车人:爵士 大黄蜂 飞毛腿 录音机 感知器 战戟 巨浪 补天士 通天晓 杯子 弹簧 罗嗦 天猫 转轮 挡板 背离 管子 腹地 猛大帅 银剑 弹弓 俯冲 空袭 飞火

霸天虎:声波 激光鸟 迷乱 弹片 反冲 炸弹 冲锋 挽歌 喷气机 闪电 惊破天 狂飙 瘟疫 铁甲龙 推土机 吊钩 搅拌机 汽车大师 抢劫 封锁 打击 莽撞 清扫机 铲土机 拖斗 袭击 爆炸 旋风 吵闹 诈骗 混天豹 利爪 野牛 猛虎 铁头 大鹏 冲云霄

第三方:五面怪 鲨鱼精



71 The Killing Jar 死亡黑洞

汽车人:滑翔机 补天士 通天晓 营救车 天猫

霸天虎:惊破天 狂飙

第三方:宇宙大帝 鲨鱼精

72 Chaos 浑沌怪

汽车人:钢锁 营救车 天猫 转轮 杯子 银剑 弹弓 俯冲 空袭 飞火 大无畏

霸天虎:大火车 惊破天 游民 流浪汉 袭击 爆炸 旋风 吵闹 诈骗 混天豹 利爪 野牛 猛虎 铁头 大鹏 冲云霄

73 Dark Awakening 五面怪的诡计

汽车人:擎天柱 爵士 钢锁 淤泥 嚎叫 录音机 感知器 滑翔机 gai 补天士 热破 通天晓 杯子 弹簧 阿尔茜 罗嗦 转轮 银剑 弹弓 俯冲 空袭 飞火

霸天虎:冲锋 挽歌 惊破天 狂飙 瘟疫




74 Starscream’s Ghost 死不甘心的红蜘蛛

汽车人:补天士 通天晓 杯子 罗嗦 沙暴

霸天虎:红蜘蛛 毒气弹 惊破天 狂飙 瘟疫 袭击 爆炸 旋风 吵闹 诈骗 混天豹



75 Thief In The Night 夜间盗贼

汽车人:钢锁 铁渣 淤泥 嚎叫 飞标 感知器 浪花 补天士 通天晓 杯子 罗嗦 天猫 沙暴 排炮 转轮 猛大帅 猛攻 蹦蹦跳 班房 银剑 弹弓 俯冲 空袭 飞火

霸天虎:冲锋 挽歌 喷气机 毒气弹 惊破天 狂飙 瘟疫 铁甲龙 袭击 爆炸 旋风 吵闹 诈骗 混天豹



76 Forever Is a Long Time Coming 岁月之窗

汽车人:爵士 录音机 发条 犀牛 感知器 钛师傅 补天士 杯子 弹簧 罗嗦 营救车 排炮 转轮 管子 银剑 弹弓 俯冲 空袭 飞火 大无畏


第三方:五面怪 鲨鱼精

77 Surprise Party 生日快乐

汽车人:录音机 犀牛 感知器 战戟 补天士 通天晓 天猫 转轮 急救员

霸天虎:狂飙 瘟疫 袭击 爆炸 旋风 吵闹 诈骗 混天豹

78 Madman’s Paradise 金大王与红衣法师

汽车人:钢锁 录音机 喷射 发条 犀牛 钢钳 感知器 补天士 通天晓




79 Carnage In C-Minor C小调大屠杀

汽车人:钢锁 录音机 感知器 通天晓 舷炮 猛大帅 银剑 弹弓 俯冲 空袭 飞火 大无畏 热点 急救员 大街 刀刃 车辙 守护神

霸天虎:声波 惊破天 推土机 吊钩 搅拌机 清扫机 铲土机 拖斗 大力神

80 Fight Or Flee 决死一战

汽车人:补天士 通天晓 杯子 弹簧 罗嗦 天猫 沙暴 转轮 银剑 弹弓 俯冲 空袭 飞火 大无畏 热点

霸天虎:声波 大火车 惊破天 狂飙 瘟疫 推土机 吊钩 搅拌机 清扫机 铲土机 拖斗 袭击 爆炸 旋风 吵闹 诈骗 混天豹 利爪 野牛 猛虎 铁头 大鹏 冲云霄

81 Web World 蛛网世界

汽车人:感知器 淤泥 通天晓 弹簧 天猫

霸天虎:声波 蝙蝠精 激光鸟 惊破天 狂飙 瘟疫 汽车大师 诈骗




82 Ghost In The Machine 鬼魂作祟

汽车人:大黄蜂 录音机 滑翔机 战戟 补天士 通天晓 杯子 弹簧 阿尔茜 罗嗦 天猫 转轮 猛大帅 银剑 俯冲 热点 车辙

霸天虎:红蜘蛛 冲锋 挽歌 大火车 惊破天 狂飙 瘟疫 游民 流浪汉 铁甲龙 利爪 野牛 大鹏




83 The Dweller In the Depths 深渊里的居住者

汽车人:感知器 补天士 通天晓 杯子 弹簧 阿尔茜 营救车

霸天虎:惊破天 狂飙 瘟疫




84 The Nightmare Planet 噩梦

汽车人:补天士 通天晓 弹簧

霸天虎:惊破天 利爪 野牛 猛虎 铁头 大鹏 冲云霄




85 The Ultimate Weapon 终极武器

汽车人:补天士 通天晓 犀牛 钢钳 猛大帅 热点 急救员 大街 刀刃 车辙 守护神

霸天虎:毒气弹 惊破天 狂飙 铁甲龙 汽车大师 抢劫 封锁 打击 莽撞 飞天虎

86 The Quintesson Journal 五面怪日志

汽车人:录音机 犀牛 钢钳 感知器 补天士 通天晓 罗嗦 天猫 腹地

霸天虎:惊破天 狂飙 瘟疫 利爪 野牛 猛虎 铁头 大鹏 冲云霄

第三方:五面怪 鲨鱼精

87 The Big Broadcast of 2006 2006年重要广播

汽车人:录音机 大力金刚 补天士 通天晓 杯子 营救车 天猫 银剑 弹弓 俯冲 空袭 飞火 大无畏 急救员

霸天虎:声波 大火车 惊破天 狂飙 瘟疫 袭击 爆炸 旋风 吵闹 诈骗 混天豹

第三方:五面怪 鲨鱼精



88 Only Human 只不过是凡人

汽车人:钢锁 录音机 感知器 补天士 通天晓 杯子 弹簧 阿尔茜


89 Grimlock’s New Brain 聪明的钢锁

汽车人:钢锁 铁渣 淤泥 嚎叫 飞标 录音机 感知器 宇宙飞碟 补天士 通天晓 杯子 弹簧 罗嗦 天猫 转轮 机关炮 烙铁 光速 钻探机 钢鞭 计算王

霸天虎:蝙蝠精 惊破天 狂飙 瘟疫 暴力龙 无赖兽 碎尸鲨 杀手鹰 血污熊



90 Money Is Everything 金钱万能

汽车人:机关炮 烙铁 光速 钻探机 钢鞭 计算王

霸天虎:暴力龙 无赖兽 碎尸鲨 杀手鹰 血污熊 求雨鬼




91 The Call of the Primitives 至尊太君

汽车人:爵士 钢锁 铁渣 淤泥 嚎叫 飞标 录音机 犀牛 钢钳 补天士 通天晓 杯子 弹簧 天猫 转轮

霸天虎:声波 蝙蝠精 暴龙 剑龙 惊破天 铁甲龙 利爪 野牛 猛虎 铁头 大鹏 冲云霄 暴力龙 无赖兽 碎尸鲨 杀手鹰 血污熊 求雨鬼

第三方:至尊太君 宇宙大帝



92 The Face of the Nijika 美仙姑

汽车人:擎天柱 补天士 热破 通天晓 杯子 弹簧 罗嗦 天猫 舷炮 银剑 弹弓 俯冲 空袭 飞火 大无畏 热点 急救员 大街 刀刃 车辙 守护神

霸天虎:大火车 惊破天 狂飙 瘟疫

第三方:五面怪 鲨鱼精



93 The Burden Hardest to Bear 肩负重任

汽车人:感知器 补天士 通天晓 杯子 天猫

霸天虎:惊破天 狂飙 推土机 吊钩 搅拌机 清扫机 铲土机 拖斗 大力神 利爪 野牛 猛虎 铁头 大鹏 冲云霄



94 The Return of Optimus Prime(1) 擎天柱复活(上)

汽车人:擎天柱 大黄蜂 补天士 通天晓 杯子 罗嗦 营救车 天猫 钢钳 转轮 猛大帅 银剑 弹弓 俯冲 空袭 飞火 大无畏 热点 急救员 大街 刀刃 车辙 守护神 机关炮 烙铁 光速 钻探机 钢鞭 计算王

霸天虎:威震天 声波 蝙蝠精 惊破天 狂飙 汽车大师 抢劫 封锁 打击 莽撞 飞天虎 利爪 野牛 猛虎 铁头 大鹏 冲云霄 暴力龙 无赖兽 碎尸鲨 杀手鹰 血污熊 求雨鬼

第三方:五面怪 鲨鱼精



95 The Return of Optimus Prime(2) 擎天柱复活(下)

汽车人:擎天柱 大黄蜂 录音机 钢钳 钛师傅 补天士 热破 通天晓 杯子 罗嗦 天猫 金飞虫

霸天虎:惊破天 狂飙 瘟疫 汽车大师 抢劫 封锁 打击 莽撞 飞天虎 利爪 野牛 猛虎 铁头 大鹏 冲云霄




第四季(SEASON 4)

96 The Rebirth(1) 再生(1)

汽车人:擎天柱 热破 通天晓 杯子 阿尔茜 罗嗦 追捕 宽载 路障 探照灯 高速路 浪子 腾云 金飞虫 两面人 银剑 弹弓 俯冲 空袭 飞火 机关炮 烙铁 光速 钻探机 钢鞭 计算王 巨无霸福特 郭文 费特 黎恩 海隆 克罗斯 煞特 布兰卡 智能

霸天虎:惊破天 狂飙 瘟疫 暴力龙 无赖兽 碎尸鲨 杀手鹰 血污熊 人狼 鳄龙 蝙蝠魔 狂龙 猿猴 火炭 吊索 扳机 六面兽 突击 飞翔



97 The Rebirth(2) 再生(2)

汽车人:擎天柱 钛师傅 通天晓 阿尔茜 浪子 腾云 两面人 巨无霸福特 郭文 费特 黎恩 海隆 克罗斯 煞特 布兰卡 智能

霸天虎:狂飙 瘟疫 暴力龙 无赖兽 碎尸鲨 杀手鹰 血污熊 撒克巨人 人狼 鳄龙 蝙蝠魔 狂龙 猿猴 火炭 吊索 扳机



98 The Rebirth(3) 再生(3)

汽车人:擎天柱 钛师傅 通天晓 阿尔茜 罗嗦 追捕 宽载 路障 探照灯 高速路 金飞虫 银剑 弹弓 俯冲 空袭 飞火 热点 急救员 大街 刀刃 车辙 巨无霸福特 郭文 费特 黎恩 海隆 克罗斯 煞特 布兰卡 智能

霸天虎:惊破天 狂飙 瘟疫 袭击 爆炸 旋风 吵闹 诈骗 撒克巨人 人狼 鳄龙 蝙蝠魔 狂龙 猿猴 火炭 吊索 扳机





宇宙大帝 6 五面怪 17 鲨鱼精 11





威震天 65 红蜘蛛 60 惊天雷 46 闹翻天 43 声波 66 震荡波 17 激光鸟 37 雷针鸟 4 机器狗 30 轰隆隆 47 迷乱 8 蝙蝠精 5 暴龙 1 剑龙 1 反光镜 15 分光镜 15 聚光镜 15 照相机 15 弹片 10 反冲 10 炸弹 8 冲锋 21 挽歌 27 喷气机 27 大火车 19 闪电 12 毒气弹 7 惊破天 29 狂飙 26 瘟疫 23 游民 2 流浪汉 2 铁甲龙 6 推土机 21 吊钩 21 搅拌机 21 清扫机 21 铲土机 21 拖斗 21 大力神 12 汽车大师 15 抢劫 14 封锁 14 打击 14 莽撞 14 飞天虎 11 袭击 16 爆炸 16 旋风 16 吵闹 16 诈骗 17 混天豹 14 利爪 10 野牛 11 猛虎 9 铁头 9 大鹏 10 冲云霄 9 暴力龙 6 无赖兽 6 碎尸鲨 6 杀手鹰 6 血污熊 6 求雨鬼 6 撒克巨人 2 人狼 3 鳄龙 3 蝙蝠魔 3 狂龙 3 猿猴 3 火炭 3 吊索 3 扳机 3 六面兽 1 突击 1 飞翔 1





擎天柱 71 爵士 48 千斤顶 48 警车 41 大黄蜂 53 飞过山 30 充电器 25 卤莽 30 大汉 33 变速箱 27 开路先锋 35 铁皮 54 探长 36 救护车 50 横炮 39 飞毛腿 35 蓝霹雳 34 幻影 24 吊车 10 天火 8 钢锁 25 铁渣 16 淤泥 17 嚎叫 15 飞标 14 红色警报 10 消防车 19 滑车 20 轮胎 19 录音机 30 感知器 30 烟幕 18 大力金刚 9 宇宙飞碟 11 滑翔机 20 战戟 18 巨浪 12 浪花 6 刹车 2 钛师傅 9 敌无双 1 补天士 27 热破 5 通天晓 31 杯子 23 弹簧 18 阿尔茜 12 罗嗦 20 营救车 8 天猫 16 排炮 4 沙暴 3 喷射 2 发条 3 犀牛 7 钢钳 7 转轮 16 挡板 1 背离 1 管子 2 腹地 3 猛大帅 6 蹦蹦跳 1 猛攻 1 班房 1 追捕 2 宽载 2 路障 2 探照灯 2 高速路 2 金飞虫 3 银剑 19 弹弓 18 俯冲 19 空袭 19 飞火 19 大无畏 11 热点 9 急救员 9 大街 7 刀刃 7 车辙 8 守护神 5 机关炮 4 烙铁 4 光速 4 钻探机 4 钢鞭 4 计算王 4 巨无霸福特 3 郭文 3 费特 3 黎恩 3 海隆3 智能 3克罗斯 3 煞特3 布兰卡 3浪子 2 腾云 2 两面人 2