Git Subversion Mercurial
git add <file> svn add <file> (only if the file is not tracked yet) hg add <new_file> (only if the file is not tracked yet)
git blame <file> svn blame <file> hg blame <file>
git show <rev>:<file> svn cat -r <rev> <file> hg cat -r <rev> <file>
git clone <URL> <target_name> svn checkout <URL> <target_name> hg clone <URL> <target_name>
git commit -a svn commit hg commit
git rm <file> svn delete <file> hg rm <file>
git diff <file> svn diff <file> hg diff <file>
git show HEAD:<directory> svn list <directory> hg cat -r rev <directory>
git merge svn merge hg merge
git checkout <file or directory> svn revert <file or directory> hg revert <file or directory>
git checkout HEAD svn switch <url> or svn revert <file> hg update tip
git checkout <branch> svn switch <url> hg update <branch>
git status svn status hg status
git pull svn update hg pull -u
git init svnadmin create hg init .
git fetch svn update hg pull
git reset –hard svn checkout -r <revision> url://path/to/repo hg revert -a –no-backup
git stash No equivalent, may be released in SVN 1.10?, possibly in 2017 hg shelve
git revert <commit_hash|tag|branch_name> svn merge -r UPREV:LOWREV . undo range hg backout <changeset_num|changeset_hash|tag>
svn merge -c -REV . undo single revision


用手机拨打如下代码: *#9900#
选择“Delete dumpstate/logcat”

Firefox show broken images

I know this question was asked a while ago but I wrote a blog post on this issue a while back and thought it might be worth adding a link in case anyone falls across it.

Edit 09/12/2013:

KatieK made a good point below about adding the information directly in the answer, here are the required steps to get this working, still relevant in the latest nightly build as of Dec 2013 (v28a2)

1) type about:config into your address bar and accept the warning

2) search for browser.display.show_image_placeholders and set to true

3) search your Fx profile folder for UserContent-example.css and rename it to UserContent.css (if the example file doesnt exists you can just create it)

4) add the following css to your UserContent.css and restart Firefox

/* Enable image placeholders */
@-moz-document url-prefix(http), url-prefix(file) {

Bashrc read order

Quite useful

For Bash, they work as follows. Read down the appropriate column. Executes A, then B, then C, etc. The B1, B2, B3 means it executes only the first of those files found.

|                |Interactive|Interactive|Script|
|                |login      |non-login  |      |
|/etc/profile    |   A       |           |      |
|/etc/bash.bashrc|           |    A      |      |
|~/.bashrc       |           |    B      |      |
|~/.bash_profile |   B1      |           |      |
|~/.bash_login   |   B2      |           |      |
|~/.profile      |   B3      |           |      |
|BASH_ENV        |           |           |  A   |
|                |           |           |      |
|                |           |           |      |
|~/.bash_logout  |    C      |           |      |